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Next Event: 2023 September Teacher Training

Book now for our September yoga teacher training event. Reserve your spot. Space is filling up fast!

We’re Moksha

Welcome to Moksha Passionate Yoga School, located at two unique venues on the tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.  We offer high-quality authentic yoga education  inspired by the philosophy of yoga.  Moksha Passionate Yoga is grounded in yogic philosophy, which teaches us that we can achieve a state of freedom and happiness by taking care of our minds and bodies and aligning them with our true nature. Our true nature is pure awareness and peace, which is not affected by our past choices or external influences. We are thrilled to offer you a range of courses that can help you deepen your practice or become a professional teacher. Our courses are combined online and residential to meet your personal requirements for work and life balance.

Luxury & Standard Rooms

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All of our rooms have a sitting area and working desk so you can have some of the conveniences of home – you can eat, read a book, study or work right from your room.  You will also find an electric water boiler to make coffee, tea, or instant noodles. A strong WiFi connection is available and free to use in each room and all public areas.

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Shared Room with a Garden View

Luxury/shared bungalow for US$ 3197 - (RYT200)

Luxury/shared bungalow for US$ 2337 - (FYC160)

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Shared Room With A sea View

Standard/shared bungalow for US$ 2299 - (RYT 200)

Standard/shared bungalow for US$ 2987 - (FYC160)

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Private Room With a Garden View

Luxury/single occupancy for US$ 4077 - (RYT 200)

Luxury/single occupancy for US$ 2987 - (FYC160)


Private Room With A sea View

Standard/single occupancy for US$ 3197 - (RYT 200)

Standard/single occupancy for US$ 2337 - (FYC160)

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About Moksha

The school's experienced and compassionate teachers offer a variety of yoga styles and practices, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin/Restorative, and Meditation/Pranayama. The courses are designed to help students deepen their practice and understanding of yoga, while also providing a solid foundation for those who want to become professional yoga teachers.