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Warren is an experienced senior yoga instructor who has been teaching at this level globally for 8 years, sharing his expertise and knowledge. He embarked upon his yogic path, by undergoing a 12-month 'apprenticeship' with his Teacher, Dr Chintamani Gautam in Nepal PhD Yogic Science & PhD Sanskrit. Warren regularly returns to Nepal in gratitude to his Hatha Yoga Guru.

Prior to Yoga, he has over two decades of experience supporting communities affected by war or natural disaster. His extraordinary journey led him to become a teacher and healer on a grand scale within his humanitarian career. Warren draws inspiration from both his gurus and students, incorporating traditional Hatha and Kundalini Yoga into his practice. He focuses on creating space in the body, mind, and heart through yoga. With a supportive and fun approach, Warren challenges beginners and intermediate practitioners, emphasizing the renewal of the mind, energy, and physical achievements. He has recovered from three spinal injuries thanks to yoga and other healing practices.

He has contributed to the development of curriculums for Yoga Teacher Training and specialist courses, making him a respected and influential instructor worldwide.



Mika, originally from the hair cosmetics industry, found her true passion in yoga. Since 2005, she has practiced hatha yoga, initially as a counterbalance to her athletic involvement.


However, she soon discovered a deeper meaning in yoga. With over 600 hours of training and certification from Yoga Alliance, Mika completed yoga teacher trainings in Bali and India. She also trained with Dinah Rodriguez to become a Hormone Yoga Therapist, specializing in hormonal health.


Mika has taught yoga in various countries and previously owned a retreat center called "FutureHippie" on Koh Samui. Currently residing in Koh Phangan, she focuses on yoga and hormonal health through her project, "Feminine Balance."



Manon "Ahma" is a skilled holistic healer with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in guiding individuals through physical and emotional challenges using a customized blend of hands-on therapies and energy work.

After recovering from her own serious neurological and physical injuries, she channeled her knowledge of healing to help others regain vitality. Her approach focuses on pain relief, postural alignment and emotional wellbeing through neuroplasticity and connecting with the elements.


Drawing from bodywork, Chinese medicine, neurology and other modalities, she provides intuitive, individualized care. As a coach, she utilizes tools from yoga, qigong, somatic movement and neuroplasticity.

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Maria Roza

MariaRoza's yoga journey began in Moscow around 20 years ago, where she explored different styles of yoga. She developed a strong interest in the comprehensive approach of Iyengar, which forms a solid foundation for practicing various yoga styles safely. In 2015, she completed her first yoga teacher training under the guidance of Amit Raina, a renowned teacher who was personally trained by Iyengar. This transformative experience forever changed MariaRoza's understanding of yoga.

She has since pursued additional certifications in Yin yoga and Yoga Therapy for individuals with injuries, enabling her to assist those who cannot participate in traditional group activities. MariaRoza is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and experience. In addition to her yoga background, she has served as an instructor of Capoeira for both adults and children. She has also completed courses in dietology and obtained a certification in aerial yoga. Currently, MariaRoza is dedicated to studying yoga therapy and rehabilitology at the St. Petersburg Institute of Oriental Methods of Rehabilitation



Radhika has been on a spiritual journey since her twenties. Her initial interest in exploring the body and mind through movement inspired her to study classical Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Yoga with different teachers in India and Europe, spending long periods in Ashrams and at Yoga Gurukul. Diving deeper into the energy and chakra system, Radhika studied Chakra Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chakra balancing, and Reiki, as well as breathwork.

Around 20 years ago, Radhika made her passion her profession, teaching worldwide in Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats, and workshops. In her teachings Radhika addresses her students on all levels of their being – her classes are marked by precise cueing and integration of modern alignment principles, honoring the physical body and its needs.

Through focussed and mindful practice she leads her students on their path to inner stillness and cultivation of mindfulness. A strong focus on the energetic and spiritual aspects of Yoga helps her students to feel and to develop their energy bodies, expanding into their full energetic and creative potential.

Radhika’s wish for herself and her students is to merge into Oneness with everyone and everything that surrounds us. To realize the true meaning of Yoga – Oneness, on and off the mat.

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