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​​  Passionate Yoga Education


Moksha yoga provides a holistic path to self-transformation through yoga's philosophy and practice. Our teachers offer a nurturing environment to help you grow stronger, calmer, and more fulfilled. We guide you to discover your life's purpose as you progress on your yogic journey.

Do you aspire to teach yoga professionally? Our Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training (RYT200) provides the skills, knowledge, and certification required to succeed. enriching your personal practice your current goal? Then we recommend our Foundations of Yoga course  (FYC160), which explores the depth of yoga but without the stress of a certification, which you don't require at this moment in your life.

2 unique & intensive course options

40 self paced hours of online prerequisite training

2 or 3 weeks in residence on a tropical island paradise

18 students only per course

4 or more experienced and caring teachers

1 unforgettable lifechanging experience

Sign up for a course today and take the first step towards moksha.

Our Vision

We envision a world where authentic & science-supported Yoga Education empowers practitioners and teachers. Through transformative experiences, we build trust between body, mind, and spirit. We support individuals in finding purpose, resilience, and navigating challenges. Our global community fosters growth, incorporating other somatic healing practices for holistic well-being. Our focus is to provide high-quality, Passionate Yoga Education for balanced and fulfilling lives

Find the right course for you

(both courses, include 40 hours online prerequisite training)

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Professional Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200)

Yoga Alliance Certified intensive (3 weeks residential) for intermediate & experienced practitioners only.

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Foundation of Yoga Training (FYC160)

An intensive journey to establish strong foundations of yoga and ignite a safe & lifelong passion and practice for beginners & intermediate practitioners.

Our Initial Offers

Moksha 200hour (RYT200) Yoga Teacher Training

Foundation of Yoga Course (FYC160) 160 hour

Foundation of Yoga (FYC160)
RYT200 Teacher Training

25th August - 7th September 2024

1st -14th December 2024

19th January - 1st Feb 2025

16th March - 29th March 2025

25th August - 14th September 2024

1st -21st December 2024

19th January - 8th Feb 2025

16th March - 5th April 2025

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Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self

Find your breath

​​ High-quality authentic yoga education  inspired by the philosophy of yoga supported by science of the body.


Harness your mind's power through knowledge and practice, cultivating clarity, focus, and resilience. Discover techniques to calm the mind, manage stress, and enhance cognitive abilities, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with ease.


Unleash your physical potential through body awareness, healing, and embodiment. Move with grace, balance, and confidence on and off the mat, unlocking your body's power.


Ignite your divine flame, unlocking transformation and deep connection. Experience inner harmony, purpose, and interconnectedness, unveiling profound spiritual awakening and personal truth.


The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness."


During residency, you will be surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including waterfalls, jungle, and beaches. Koh Phangan is an island of healing and transformation, and our Yoga Community encourages conscious living and open-mindedness. You will have the opportunity to release yourself from the ego, connect with nature, and experience heartwarming and fun extracurricular activities including Kirtan and Ecstatic Dance.

Residential Course Preparation: 

  1. Complete the online training, including quizzes and exercises. 

  2. Please bring an open mind, curiosity, and acceptance of where you are in your practice. Yoga clothes, a mat or yoga towel (optional), swimwear, and mosquito spray are also recommended for our beautiful jungle location.

The price of the course includes Online training, accommodation, delicious meals, extracurricular activities, such as Kirtan, and Ecstatic Dance.

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